The Minotaur – Kielder Water and Forest Park

Kielder Castle, Northumberland

The commission of the maze in the grounds of Kielder Castle was won in open international competition from 74 entries. Designed in collaboration with Shona Kitchen, the structure is built of steel gabions filled with basalt rocks and, in the central chamber, waste glass cullet. The Minotaur was included in the exhibition 'Per Laberints' at Barcelona’s Centre de Cultura Contemporania in 2010. The project was curated by Peter Sharpe.

"A handsome architectural sculpture....summer or winter, the place is a delight"

Jonathan Glancy
The Guardian

"Precision, care.....rigour and clarity"

Tony Chapman
Head of Awards, Royal Institute of British Architects


Catherine Slessor
Architectural Review

"The Minotaur exists as a quirky refuses to be constricted by the discourse that surrounds it"

Jes Fernie
Curator and writer 

Photography by James MorrisDavid Churchill and Luke White
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